Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sikh Wedding Gazebo Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Gorgeous Location - Sikh Wedding Gazebo Barcelo Maya PalaceRiviera Maya, Mexico

Factors to Consider when having a Gazebo Wedding at Barcelo, Mexico:
  • Protection from the sun or from possible rain showers - proper covering of the bride and groom, Sikh Officiants  and ALL guests.  Opt for a thicker colored fabric instead of clear white shear.
  • Consider the extra use of Beach Patio Umbrellas and Fans to circulate the air - it can get unbearably hot, not a pleasant experience.
  • Make sure you bring extra Ramals/Kerchiefs for ALL your guests, and for staff and helpers - it is common to not have enough.
  • Try to start the wedding by 9 am to avoid excessive heat.  This means have the Bharat at 8 am in the Barcelo Palace  Lobby in the A/C.
  • Do not spend excessive time taking pre-wedding pictures, plan these for after the wedding. 
  • Avoid serving a meal/snack for the Milnee so the wedding starts and finishes before it gets really HOT.
  • Dress appropriately for hot weather conditions.  Wear sun protection, sun glasses and drink plenty of water.
  • Consider chair seating for elder and disabled guests.
  • There are always delays of some form that the bride experiences in getting from her room to the Wedding Gazebo, plan for this.

Sikh Wedding Barceló Riviera Maya Palace

Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe Sikh Wedding

Tropical Barceló Sikh Wedding Riviera Maya

Barceló Riviera Maya Beach Sikh Wedding Mexico

Sikh Wedding priest Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding

Wedding Gazebo Indian Wedding Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding

Riviera Maya Barcelo Resort Palace Sikh WeddingSikh priest Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding Officiant

anand kaarj Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding
Caribe Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding ceremony Priest

Palace Gazebo Wedding Barceló Riviera Maya  Sikh Wedding

Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding Priest Cancun Mexico

Latin Asia Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding

You will be in trusted, reliable and experienced hands with these two as they are well aware of how to setup the decor and handle logistics for a Destination Sikh Wedding at Barcelo, Riviera Maya, Mexico.Contact: Head Wedding Coordinator at Barcelo, Riviera Maya, Mexico 

Alejandra Carrillo - Gerente de Bodas bodas@barcelomaya.com

Contact: Saku or Joseline with LatinAsia for decor

Dr. Singh and Leela, Sikh officiants for Destination weddings frequently conduct weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean region.  See how they can assist you for your upcoming wedding. Contact them HERE .

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