Monday, October 19, 2015

Granthi Gyani Ragi Baba Bhai - Sikh Destination Anand Karaj Cancun

Granthi, Gyani Ragi etc. Sikh Wedding terms which have broad implications, find out what they mean.

Sikhs often use the terms  and this is what the mean -

GRANTHI - an individual who can read the Adi Granth sahib (the scriptures)

GYANI  - an individual who may posses knowledge of what is written in the scriptures

BHAI - Respectfully a senior or mature person

PAATHI - an individual who can read or recite the text in the scriptures

RAGI - having knowledge and being able to sing the writings musically, spiritually called Kirtan

sikh granthi, gyani, ragi, paathi, bhai sikh wedding terms

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