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Overview of Sikh Wedding Ceremony Services Riviera Maya, Mexico

Destination Sikh Wedding Services with Dr. Freedom and Leela, The Sikh Faith, Sikh Rituals, and Interfaith Sikh Weddings in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Tell us a bit about your company
Dr. Freedom and Leela are Sikh Wedding Officiants/Priests with over 20 years experience available to conduct Destination Sikh Wedding Ceremonies world-wide at a venue other than a Sikh Temple. Their company Global Chants specializes in Destination Sikh Weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean, preserving the mandatory Traditional Sikh Wedding Ceremony while adding Universal and Spiritual elements.

What makes their services unique?
  • Freedom and Leela, a multi-racial couple, officiate the entire wedding ceremony.
  • The Sikh Ceremony is performed in 1 (one) hour and is in English with Traditional Sikh Kirtan 
  • They offer their services to couples seeking Traditional, Multi-racial, Cross-Cultural and Interfaith Weddings.
  • They have the sacred Scriptures already in the Caribbean.
  • Their ceremonies are understandable, spiritual and engaging.
  • They are flexibile in customizing the ceremony to your needs.
  • Watch Entire Sikh Wedding Ceremony in English on Youtube.

Tell us a bit about Sikhism
Sikhism rose as a faith over 500 years ago in India, its purpose was to create disciples who were willing  to learn and discover their “true” self.  The term Sikh means student.  Over time, like most religions, it became more concerned with the outer wrappings, rituals, and traditions rather than the exploration of the inner self. 


The greatest premise of the Sikh faith is that we are all ONE energy, light and sound with various physical manifestations.

 1.  Duality  -  We are trapped in  - Pleasure and Suffering - Sukh Dukh dono sam kar janey.

2.  Judgement - I am not GOOD and you are not BAD -Hum Nahi Chngay Burra nahi koey.

3.  Who is YOUR Guru, father and mother? - Air is my Enlightener, Water my father and the Earth my mother - Pavunn Guru paani pitta mata dharat mahut.

4.  The Power of LOVE -  If you can learn to love then you experience “GOD” - Jin prem kio tin he Prabh payeo.

5.  How to understand the world -  Conquer the mind and you will understand and win the world - Mann jitay jagjeet.

6.  What should you WISH for? - Best wishes for all - Sarbhat da palla.

7.  WORDS vs SILENCE, or Knowledge vs. Wisdom -  When all is understood nothing is spoken -Sabhay gulla jateean suoun ke choop kiya.

Watch these 7 gems here on youtube.

How did you get into the Wedding Industry?
We started singing music at Shrines, Temples, concerts and Yoga centers world-wide over 20 years ago.  Our deepest joy became singing and leading weddings as this is a  celebration of joy and togetherness. It is not a prayer or “want” ceremony, but rather  a musical ceremony with abundant ritual and loving energy.

Over the years this quest changed as Sikh Temples became more rigid and were not too cool to see a brown and white lady onstage “preaching” and leading ceremonies. We branched out and made ourselves available to those seeking this experience. Couples around the world,  especially those seeking Destination Weddings in the Caribbean and Mexico started contacting us to officiate their special wedding ceremony. We are one of the few couples who can freely travel the world and create a Sikh Shrine for a ceremony in any location, and conduct the Sikh Wedding Ceremony known as the “Anand Karaj”.

What’s your favorite part of the job?
It is not a job, rather “our role” is to create a connection and  closeness  with the couple and the congregation. Many of the brides and grooms are looking for someone who understands the inner philosophy and depth of the Sikh Tradition and the message of Oneness. We make the ceremony extremely understandable, unifying and engaging for all. The ceremony is full of Live music, simple dialogue in English and Punjabi and meaningful, emotional rituals. See why clients like our services.

Destination Weddings at a Resort in Mexico
Sikh Weddings can be an extravagant affair lasting 3 to 5 days and involving many unique rituals.  We have a detailed compilation, gathered from wedding planners and couples, of the various aspects that are involved in Sikh Wedding Rituals.

Tips for planning a Fusion or Interfaith Destination Sikh Wedding

  • Have family members from each side read a blessing or prayer from their religious tradition.
  • Provide translations of any rituals performed in other languages.
  • Personalize religious traditions to reflect your blended family.
  • Create your own blessing or prayer reflecting your blended union and read it to your guests.
  • Illustrate each families’ support.
  • Step on toes: respect each families’ strong ties to their own religious traditions and tactfully and carefully explain how rituals from both heritages will be included.
  • Forget your guests: describe the different religious rituals in your program and provide translations.
  • Try to satisfy everyone: remember, the wedding ceremony is ultimately a reflection of you and your spouse. Be gentle but firm when saying “no” to your families’ requests.
  • Try to do too much: you can’t replicate the entire wedding ceremonies for each tradition; your guests will be bored and your wedding ceremony will lose some of its intensity. Careful editing of the ceremony elements is the key to a good ceremony.

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