Monday, September 21, 2015

Sikhs Who are they, Sikhism Explained. Sikh Philosophy Meaning of Being a Sikh

7  SEVEN fold SIKH PHILOSOPHY of being a SIKH. Sikhism rose a faith over 500 years ago in India  to learn and discover about the “true” self. The term  Sikh means student.  Over time like most religions it became more concerned with the outer wrappings and traditions.  

The greatest premise of the Sikh faith is that we are all ONE energy, light and sound with various physical manifestations.

who are the sikhs, sikhism explained, sikh philosophy

On Duality  -  We are trapped in  - Pleasure and Suffering - Sukh Dukh dono sam kar janey

On Judgement - I am not GOOD and you are not BAD - Hum Nahi Chngay Burra nahi koey

Who is YOUR Guru, father and Mother? Air is my Enlightener, Water my father and the Earth my mother - Pavunn Guru paani pitta mata dharat mahut

On the Power of LOVE -  If you can learn to love then you experience “GOD” - Jin prem kio tin he Prabh payeo

How to understand the world?  Conquer the mind and you will understand and win the world - Mann jitay jagjeet

What should you WISH for? Best wishes for all - Sarbhat da palla

On WORDS vs SILENCE, or Knowledge vs. Wisdom -  When all is understood nothing is spoken - Sabhay gulla jateean suoun ke choop kiya

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