Saturday, December 20, 2014

Anand Karaj Meaning and Translation Confused like me?

The  Anand Karaj consists of 4 Lavaan? I'm still baffled with the Meaning and Translation and how these passages relate to the 'would be' wedded couple's present and future lifestyle.

For the past 20 years we have conducted Anand Karaj ceremonies around the globe and are always amazed to see the most critical and crucial part of the wedding ceremony 'The Lavaan' have basically been a challenge for the singers and the couple to 'time' the music with the walk around the altar. The onlookers or the sangat are a witness to the same 2-step over and over again.
Anand Karaj Explained Translation
The terms 'blissful union' etc. are great if the couple or attendees were at a conscious level of the Guru Masters.  The 4 Lavaans delve into the subject of: NIRBHAU - having no fear, MUNN - mind awareness, BAIRAAG - a state of melancholy bliss, CHAO - exhilaration, SEHAJ - to be steady and gentle, MEETHA - have sweetness, ANAND - be content and in bliss, NAAM - being aware of your true "I", HAR - the mantra for liberation in the Guru Granth Sahib.
Doing a four minute walk around the altar and having singers recite a traditional melody is is the first step toward a life-long journey which can culminate in Anand.   The journey of marriage and moving toward the state of Anand is full of MASSAKUT, trials and tribulations such as: having a mother-in law, mortgages, family expectations, money, health, etc..  To overcome these obstacles one must cultivate a daily introspective practice on some of the subjects highlighted above in the Anand Karaj Suhee passages.  These nuggets may be a key to unlocking the suffering that may eventually give you a glimpse into a "blissful union". We have to deal with the 'real life' issues of today, and many of the ways to overcome these issues  are through understanding, rather then indiscriminate prayers.
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