Friday, August 8, 2014

Shocking news on Interfaith Sikh Weddings and BMW's

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Researcher Neelu Kang has discovered Sikh parents don't want their children marrying blacks, Muslims or white Christians -- known in Britain as "BMWs."
Researcher Neelu Kang has discovered many Sikh parents don’t want their children, especially daughters, marrying blacks, Muslims or white Christians — known in Britain as “BMWs.”
In response to immigrating to a multi-faith country, many become highly focused on maintaining the languages of India and strict forms of their own religion.
Kang, for instance, has found much more support in Canada for the fundamentalist Khalistan independence movement than she saw in India.
When posters are shown at Surrey’s giant Vaisakhi parades displaying the faces of fundamentalist pro-Khalistan “martyrs” killed by Indian troops, Kang said many non-Sikh Canadians pick up the impression most Sikhs are prone to militancy.
“But one fish does not make the whole pond,” said Kang. Only a small percentage of Sikhs have been involved in terrorism.
“Still, it can look to outsiders as if everyone is part of it.”
Just as importantly, however, Kang acknowledges it’s not just Christians or secularists who might be against interfaith marriage. Opposition to interfaith marriage is strong in many of Canada’s minority religious communities.
In researching the large Sikh diaspora population in Britain, Kang discovered that, like in Canada, many Sikh parents do not approve of their children marrying outside their faith or ethnicity.
Kang has detailed how Sikh parents in Britain are most opposed to their children marrying blacks and Muslims, and to a lesser extent white Christians.
Sometimes , said Kang, these precluded groups are categorized together as “BMWs.”

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