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One in Five are now Interfaith Weddings

Sikh Interfaith Weddings on the RISE

TIPS for an Interfaith Wedding

One in every five weddings is now an interfaith ceremony*. With so many traditions, customs, beliefs and heritages being blended, it is crucial (and sometimes tricky) to honor and celebrate all that we bring to the altar without compromising the beliefs of either the bride or the groom. When multiple faiths come together in a wedding, the ceremony is a perfect way to celebrate and honor each heritage, recognizing the importance of both faiths in this union.

Interfaith Sikh Wedding Ceremony


  • Have family members from each side read a blessing or prayer from their religious tradition.
  • Provide translations of any rituals performed in other languages.
  • Personalize religious traditions to reflect your blended family.
  • Create your own blessing or prayer reflecting your blended union and read it to your guests.
  • Illustrate each family’s support.


  • Step on toes: respect each family’s strong ties to their own religious traditions and tactfully and carefully explain how rituals from both heritages will be included.
  • Forget your guests: describe the different religious rituals in your program and provide translations.
  • Try to satisfy everyone: remember, the wedding ceremony is ultimately a reflection of you and your spouse. Be gentle but firm when saying “no” to your families’ requests.
  • Try to do too much: you can’t replicate the entire wedding ceremonies for each tradition; your guests will be bored and your wedding ceremony will lose some of its intensity. Careful editing of the ceremony elements is key to a good ceremony.


Give up! If you and your spouse truly want an interfaith wedding, don’t throw in the towel and elope because the challenge of multiple traditions and family pressures become overwhelming. You can have it both ways and start your own traditions on the first day of your new life together.


Get help if you need it, we are here for you!

With a focus on personalizing each ceremony to reflect the needs, beliefs and values of the couple or family, We can help you create an interfaith wedding that is meaningful, memorable and perfectly you.

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