Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Basic Protocol at a Sikh Wedding - 10 tips

Basic Protocol to follow at a Sikh Wedding:

If this is your first time at a Sikh Wedding ceremony here are a 10 tips to make your experience pleasant.

1. You will be removing your shoes and leaving them outside during the service, so please wear decent pair of clean socks or no socks at all.

2. You will be wearing head covering that is provided, you may opt to wear a turban or another form of "hat" ask the hosts what is appropriate for their comfort zone.

3. Ladies, since you will be sitting cross legged or at least with legs folded, wear a very long dress (maybe an Indian suit) or at least pants/trousers.

4. There is a strict no smoking, alcohol, or use drugs at the wedding ceremony.

5. Expect to sit for over an hour on the floor, so bring your own cushion.

6. Use of video and still photography is excepted and feel free to capture the best moment.

7.  Keep yourself faced to the altar at all times possible and do not stretch out your legs toward the altar.

8. Generally, in the west men and women sit on separate sides, see if the hosts are comfortable with couples or families/friends siting together.

9. Usually, most services are in Punjabi and you may occasionally grasp a word of English, often a hand out in English describing the events is provided.

10. Enjoy the experience, the service is not usually very quiet and often kids are running around, so make this a joyous event.

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